Boiler Replacements

It can be very daunting knowing you need a new boiler and having no idea of costs or which installation company to use.

We hope to re-assure you with our friendly and helpful service on your way back to warm radiators and hot water comfort.

Old inefficient boilers can be costly and very frustrating – sometimes repairing the existing appliance isn’t the way forward as new Condensing boilers are highly efficient and have very low running costs.

It’s important you choose the right boiler for your home, We offer competitive rates and a very honest service.

When carrying out a boiler replacement we will carry out a powerflush of your existing system to remove harmful sediment to prevent high running costs and unnecessary breakdowns of your system in the future.

We install boilers as per manufacturer’s instructions and to a very high standard.
Our expert heating engineers will offer you a professional service from start to finish with great after care should you need it.

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Photo of boiler and hot water tank - EB Boiler Services