Unvented HW Cylinder Installation


Unvented hot water storage cylinders are an excellent provider of hot water. Hot water is supplied at mains pressure for powerful showering and fast bath filling.

Whether you require an in-direct or direct system it is essential you have competent and trained engineers to carry out the installation. Incorrectly installed unvented cylinders can be inefficient and void warranty if installed badly.

There are many makes and sizes of hot water cylinders, choosing the right one for your household can be tricky. Speak to our engineer directly to discuss your options and we can give you a free estimate.


All unvented hot water cylinders require annual servicing to prevent high running costs and component failure. It is also a safety issue, unvented cylinders are under great pressure all year round.

During a routine service our engineer will drain the cylinder and re-charge the expansion relief vessel, Once the cylinder is re-pressurised he will test your temperature and pressure relief valves, Overheat thermostat and timer control settings. Once this is complete your hot water supply will be measured and tested.

This complete service usually takes between 45 minutes to 1 hour.

We offer an annual service plan. Call now to discuss further.

Photo of boiler and hot water tank - EB Boiler Services